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Formed in June 1993, the Welsh Culinary Association now re-branded and known as the Culinary Association of Wales exists to promote excellence in the art of professional cookery within Wales...


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Applications open from 1st June 2016 please click on the links below for Application Forms, Membership packages and Standing order forms.

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Culinary Association of Wales:

Welsh Food, culinary trends and the passion with which it is associated are fast becoming topics of enormous interest to the public, and while chefs have less mystery and are more accessible to the consumer than ever before, their skills are still held in extremely high regard. It is through your much valued membership to the Culinary Association of Wales (CAW) and by default to the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), that those skills are nurtured, supported and built upon. 

We strive the length and breadth of our country promoting, serving and showcasing the talented Chefs we have in our proud kitchens. Year – on – year our membership strengthens from North to Mid to South, Chefs from all levels join, re-join and even work their way to being elected officials in their regions.

The Culinary Association of Wales is ‘A partnership of Professional Chefs and Caterers to develop and raise the culinary profile of Wales, its establishments and those working within them through greater awareness, education and training;

Purpose, Vision & Values:

Our Purpose: To be a non-political and non-profit making partnership of professional chefs, caterers and others associated with the food and hospitality professions, who foster relationships with all parts of the food chain including primary producers, manufactures and suppliers as well as educational establishments, to develop and raise the culinary profile of Wales, its establishments and those working within them.

Our Vision: To bring together professionally and socially, chefs and those within other food and hospitality-related professions from establishments throughout Wales, the United Kingdom and our International colleagues. To develop chefs and caterers through training, competitions, demonstrations and visits and to act as a broker for the sharing and exchanging of skills, ideas, culinary expertise and knowledge. To raise and enhance the culinary profile of Wales, its establishments and those within them, nationally and internationally.

Our Values:

Honestly & Integrity - We will endeavour to be honest with internal and external parties showing integrity at all times.

Environment & Energy – We will encourage a reduction in energy usage, food waste and packaging to support global environmental issues.

Encouragement & Support - We will strive to give continuous encouragement and support to promote the development of food & drink in Wales. 

Constitution for the Culinary Association of Wales - April 2015


Click below to download the Culinary Association of Wales (CAW) Constitution:

Culinary Association Wales_-_Constitution_April_2015.pdf



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