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Weekend customers at Tesco’s Extra store in Bridgend have been treated to a laverbread cookery demonstration by award-winning chef, Gareth Johns.

Master Chef Gareth, of the Culinary Association of Wales, whipped up four different recipes using the specialist ingredient which is cooked seaweed picked from the Welsh coast.

The dish has just been awarded special designation under European law serving it the same status as Parma ham, Angelesy Sea Salt and Welsh Lamb.

Gareth skilfully combined the dish in four different recipes which included laverbread, cockle & smoked bacon chowder and roasted Welsh Lamb with a laver gravy. 

Nearly a 1000 taste samples of the recipes were given to customers who stayed to watch Gareth create the dishes.  

Hugh Cowell, store manager at Tesco Bridgend Extra, said: “The laverbread demonstration was really well received with Gareth providing our customers with some great food for thought using an ingredient that’s deeply rooted in our heritage.

“Gareth did a great job of demonstrating different ways it can be used to produce tasty meals.” 

Gareth Johns is one of a select group of certified Master Chefs working outside of London. A strong advocate of Welsh produce, Gareth spent 10 years with the Welsh National Culinary team cooking in international competitions and for heads of state.

After the event Gareth said: “Currently there’s a lot of talk about superfoods and the importance of including them it in our daily diets. Laverbread is the original superfood which has been eaten in South Wales for centuries and I thoroughly enjoyed demonstrating different ways it can be incorporated into our cooking.”

 Laverbread is available to purchase at Tesco Bridgend Extra on Cowbridge Road.  It is priced at £5 per kilo.


Award winning chef Gareth Johns hosting a cookery demonstration using laverbread as a main ingredient while customers look on.



Lilly Llewellyn aged 12 enjoys the freshly cooked laverbread oatmeal and black pepper recipe.


Tesco Customer Experience Manager Will Acreman joining chef Gareth Jones preparing Laverbread recipes for customers.

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